Bingley Ladies at Bunny Runs 2 (3 Apr) & 3 (10 Apr), and The Bunny Relay (17 Apr 18)

23 Bingley ladies and girls (age 12+)  ran in one or more of the Bunny Runs – Bunny 1 was part of the Bingley Fell Championship reported on earlier, see earlier News item on the website :

My highlight was Bingley ladies (and girls!) – Ruby Firth, Rebecca Flaherty, Eliza Findlay, Lesley Watson and Bryony Harding – in various combinations, winning the team (of 3) prize at each Bunny Run and then, of course, for the Series.   Everyone’s best times from the three races, all of which were equally (very!) muddy and wet underfoot, were :

Ruby Firth GU17 20:13
Rebecca Flaherty GU15 20:25
Eliza Findlay F(17) 21:23
Lesley Watson F40 21:55
Bryony Harding F 21:57
Victoria Merrick F 22:27
Shona Stone F40 22:23
Nicola Jones F 22:50
Anna McMillan F 23:01
Sarah Flaherty F40 23:34
Becky Weight F60 23:52
Mary Green F50 24:38
Nicky Clay F40 26:57
Eleanor Brown F 26:48
Katie Smith F(17) 27:23
Alana Gill F 27:25
Sue Fulton F50 27.55
Elinor Garrett GU15 28:39
Alison Marks F50 28:40
Joanne Henry F40 29.22
Sophie Findlay  F40 30.27
Lisa Pearson F40 30:46
Lucy Hall F 31.31

Individual race prizes (Easter eggs a plenty!) included Ruby (1 GU17), Rebecca (2 GU15), Eliza (1 F), Lesley  and Shona (1 F40 in different races!), and  Becky 1 F60

Eliza, Bryony, Becky, Nicky, Sue, Joanne, and Sophie ran all three races.  For the series Eliza was 3 F, Bryony 6 F, Nicky 2 F40, Sue 1 F50, and Becky 1 F60, and as mentioned above, Bingley won the ladies team prize.  Lots more Easter eggs and chocolate was collected.

The Bunny Relays, open to 10+, are an opportunity to make up a club team or mix & match with family or friends from other clubs to maximise your Easter egg chances 😉 ;  the Bingley ladies and girls did some of both.  Ruby, Rebecca F, Eliza, Lesley, Bryony, and Victoria, were joined by Martha Jackson, Evie Trusselle, and Rebecca Kerman making up a variety of teams.   Bryony and partner Alasdair took the Mixed team prize.  Eliza, Lesley and Victoria took the Ladies prize, Ruby was part of the winning GU17 team, and Martha and Rebecca F were part of a winning GU15 team.  Yet more  Easter eggs to take home.

Full results at .  Relays on separate page.

And great to see some new Bunny Run faces joining the fun  –  Bryony, Nicola (ran on her birthday!), Nicky, Elinor (first year old enough) & Lucy;  I think both Elinor and mum Alison Marks may run a little faster next year.

A few pictures to catch some of the Bunny Run feel :

Some of the crowd after running a misty (very Bronte-esque) Bunny 3

Families and friends out at Bunny 3

Quite a few Easter eggs found their way to this family’s home

Winning Ladies Team at Bunny 3.

And lots of great running photos on the Woodentops site  :