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Adult Endurance Training at Bingley Harriers



Endurance training for seniors takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings predominantly from the Bradford & Bingley (B&B) Sports Club (postcode : BD16 1LT).

The sessions are open to all Bingley Harriers members. Guests are more than welcome to come to a few sessions before they commit to join the club.

The sessions are led by UK Athletics qualified coaches and generally consist of a warm-up followed by the main session finishing with a cool-down and some stretches.

Specific details of the planned Tuesday sessions can be found posted on our website in the Member’s Forum and on our Facebook page :

What does it Cost?

–          The sessions from the B&B club cost £1 per session (annual training pass available for £35)

–          The Greenhead track sessions cost £2 (also payable by those with a training pass – sorry!)

What Should I Expect?

 Tuesdays – 7.00pm to 8.00pm (B&B Club or UAK Track Keighley)

These are structured sessions aimed at improving your Speed, Strength and Stamina. They are intended to be challenging but as they are repetition (rep) based they are also suitable for athletes of all abilities – if you really want to improve these are the sessions to attend.

–          SPEED sessions take place at the UAK track in Keighley (postcode : BD20 6EB) in winter and on the B&B grassed areas in summer. They consist of time or distance reps of efforts interspersed by timed recovery periods. (Track / grass running is also a great way to improve your running form and efficiency).

–          STRENGTH sessions are usually hill based rep sessions conducted on the local roads (winter) and tracks / trails (summer).

–          STAMINA sessions are aimed at building an athlete’s endurance and consist of longer distance reps / intervals, tempo runs or time trials over distances up to 5k.


Thursdays – 7.30pm – 8.30pm (B&B Club)

Thursday’s sessions are a little less structured and are intended to offer athletes a quality distance run of around one hour in duration (sometimes a little longer – especially in summer).

To accommodate the great spread of abilities that we have in the club there are a number of different groups that go their own separate ways. To give an idea of the range in pace between the groups, the steadiest group may cover 5 miles in the hour and the fastest group may do around 9 miles in the hour.

If you are unsure of your pace we recommend you try the steadiest group first and move up through the groups until you find a pace that suits you best – but remember, to improve you need to challenge yourself and where possible run with people that are slightly faster than you!

Showers / changing facilities are available and many members make use of the B&B Sports Club bar after training on a Thursday – please come along for a drink and chat.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us :-

John Smithurst – Email – or Mobile – 07737 506843


Middle Distance Training

Beckfoot School, Wagon Lane Bingley on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7.00pm.
The sessions consist of warm and drills.
10x300mtrs at your mile pace,which we will workout for you.
Cool down and stretching.
Cost £1.

John Smithurst
Email –
Telephone – 01274 591139
Mobile – 07737 506843