Pulton Cup

During 1951 Mr. William Pulton, who owned the Fish and Chip shop in Crow Nest Road in Bingley and whose daughter was amongst the first junior female members, presented the Club with a trophy to be competed for over the summer months by the younger members in track and field activities. A points system was devised for a series of events in various age groups and the first winners of the trophy were Jean Lockwood and Dennis Farnsworth. Still popular nowadays, the Pulton Cup Competition is looked forward to and competed for by a large number of the Club’s youngsters.

The competition this year will be on the one night only and in the form of a Quadathlon with a Sprint (60m), Long Jump, Bullnose Javelin and Middle Distance Race (400m). Trophies and medals are presented in all age groups (U11’s, U13’s, U15’s, U17’s, U20’s & SENIORS)

Trophies and medals will be presented to all age groups at a Presentation evening.