2021 January Handicap

Date 2/1/2021.

Time 9am (First runner)

Location Myrtle Park

Runners List: https://www.webscorer.com/startlist?raceid=230284

Results: https://www.webscorer.com/bingleyharriers


1. The Race will start at 9am prompt from the grass area in front on Bandstand in Myrtle Park.

2. Entry fee is £2.00 payable to me on the starting line…..so please bring the correct money as you don’t want to have to run around carrying change….Proceeds to club funds.

3. Run in your club vest if you have one.

4. Make your own ID tag with your full name to be used instead of a number.

5. Bring a face covering. This Must be worn on the footbridge / footpath between Myrtle Park and Beckfoot Lane on the outward and return.

6.. The course is extremely muddy and very wet in places. wear fell shoes.

7. SOCIAL DISTANCE WHERE POSSIBLE…if you can’t then please wear your face covering. Please ensure you follow the 2 meter rule whilst waiting at the start. After you have finished the race, PLEASE do not congregate around the finish area. Wander off somewhere else. Get a Coffee or get changed. We must not be seen to socialise in large groups.

8. A socially distanced presentation will take place at bandstand at approx 09.50. We should be on our way home before 10am.

Route Description.

Start and Finish on the grass area at side of Bandstand.Follow the taped route across the grass to Tar Mac path at top of hill on East Side of park. Follow this path down hill to bottom mead and round to foot bridge and public footpath to Beckfoot Lane. PLEASE DON FACE COVERING when cross bridge and down this footpath. Turn right at end of footpath.After 30 meters turn right DONT use the Ford please. Cross old pack horse bridge on the right before the ford and go through stile.Turn left and after 15 meters go through 2nd stile and proceed up the lane for 30 meters to Houses.Just in front of houses turn left down steps and follow the public footpath onto Golf Course.PLEASE BEWARE OF FLYING GOLF BALLS……The public footpath goes straight ahead for 50 meters and then turns right for 100 meters before reaching a fence and stile. As it cross the golf course it follows a series of large boulders painted white but it crosses several of the golf fairways. You should look left and right before crossing any of the fairways and if golfers are about to take a shot you should give way for your own safety until they have take their shot. Cross the site and turn left and head diagonally across the field to reach gate in boundary wall of woodland. Through gate and follow wide forestry track through ankle deep mud for 200 meters. As track turns left and before it goes up hill, turn right on path covered in pine needles heading down hill for 100 meters the level for 30 meters then bending left at very wet twig covered section then climbing for 30 meters still wet underfoot. At top of wet section path turns right as it levels off but becomes a bit indistinct. Head straight on in direction of noisy stream and you will rejoin clear path leading to square stone platform ( Drain head ) and a small stone slab footbridge beyond. cross the stream and follow clear and obvious footpath straight on. This path more or less level and follows a series of drain heads. Some of these are uncovered so please take care. After approx 500 meters from stream crossing you almost reach the boundary wall of the woods. Turn left about 30 meters in front of the wall and go around a large holly bush on the left and arrive at wall corner with wall on your right. Ignore higher path and stay close to wall following this for 200 meters until you join a much wider path coming down hill from your left. Turn sharp left and head up the steep hill so you can look down on the path you have just travelled along. You should Follow this path up hill, then along a level section passing the folly, the steeply down the forest track you were on earlier, in total for about 1/2 mile it will lead you back to your outward route and the gate you entered the woodland. Follow your out ward route, through the gate out of the woods, diagonally across the boggy field, over stile on to golf course, back to Beck foot lane, over pack horse bridge and footpath / footbridge over river Aire and back into Myrtle Park and up the tar Mac path you came down. From the top of the hill follow the taped to the finish line which will be 10 meters before the starting line. Follow the finishing funnel and give your name to the recorders at the end of the funnel.

Start Times

9am. Caroline Francis, Eisha Ewida, Mari and William Johnson
9.01. Ian Storey, Richard Dawson, Alison Marks. Ann Marie Roper.
9.02. Stuart Thompson
9.03. Bruce Duncan
9.05. Szilvia Szendrei, Ella Birbeck
9.06. Sue Cordingley
9.07. Shona Stone
9.08. Paul Spencer
9.09. Dave Jefferson, John Flaherty, Abby Clay.
9.10. Grace Dawson, Owen Pacey Ashley Cooper, Alistair Young.
9.11. Nicola Jones, Sarah Flaherty, Alistair Trusselle
9.12. Jack Stephenson, Jamie Robinson, Josh Yeadon, Samuel Mantle, Jo Buckley
9.13. Dave Stephenson, Robbie Williams. Greg Trusselle
9.14. Paul Tiffany, Rebecca Flaherty, Charlie Robinson.
9.15. Adam Worrallo
9.16. Tom Gomersall, Joe Carnelly.
9.17. Theo Clay.
9.18. Alex Flaherty. Reuben Mantle.