Bingley Harriers Coaching and Training Restart. Dec 2020

To All Club members – We are pleased to report that  some outdoor club coaching and training sessions are restarting in December under England Athletics (EA) guidelines for Covid security.  This follows the end of the second National Covid-19 lockdown, and West Yorkshire being in Tier 3.

Please note the following key things for all sessions :

  • No-one to attend with any Covid symptoms or if they have had any possible contact or have been told to isolate
  • Outdoors only, and will be in a ‘Covid Secure Environment’  i.e. Covid Security measures will be in place
  • Coach / Leader led – so groups can be larger than 6.  Must comply with EA coaching ratios – seniors 12 per coach;  juniors maximum group of 15, so two coaches required for 15.
  • Numbers are limited and booking is required – please contact Leaders / Coaches as below
  • Maintain social distancing – 2 metres, or 1 metre with other measures in place i.e. mask, not facing each other etc
  • Bring a mask (a doubled up buff is acceptable) in case you need one, and your own hand sanitiser.
  • Note travel restrictions between areas in different Tiers (see attached)
  • Note there may not be toilets available
  • Bingley Harriers will keep full contact details for all attendees (runners, leaders, parents, coaches etc) for 3 weeks for potential Test & Trace use
  • Training fees are payable as applicable for the training location and will be due for any sessions attended
  • If any of the above Covid security measures cannot be met then groups limited to 6. 

For further information please read the attached document :

and the individual Return to Activity documents (for Athletes & Runners, Coaches & Leaders, Venues, Clubs, and Road Running) on the Eng Aths Website (4 Dec update)

Coaching / Training sessions available

Tuesdays and Thursdays Daytime 10am  Training for endurance runners, Roberts Park, Saltaire

Improve endurance speed for events from 5K to 10K and Cross Country.  Approx 1 hour.   Meet at the Band Stand. 

Tuesday – intervals on grass. 

Thursday – longer tempo run (or similar)

To book please email or Facebook Message John Smithurst :

Tuesday Evening 6.30pm Strength & Conditioning  (30 mins)  Bradford & Bingley, Wagon Ln, Bingley

Improve strength and co-ordination and improve running style to support all your running and be more resilient against injury.

Please note that the club house will be closed due to Tier 3 Covid restrictions. There will be no toilets and no changing facilities.  

To book please contact Becky Weight   07484 207655

Tuesday Evening 7pm Interval training for endurance runners from Bradford & Bingley, Wagon Ln, Bingley

Improve racing performance in endurance events from 5K to 10K, Cross Country and Short Fell races.  

To book please email : Men / Stephen Fry** :  or  Ladies / Becky Weight :  (**NB SF not available 8 & 15 Dec so Becky Weight & Dave Stephenson will run these.  May be hill reps 😉)

Please note that the club house will be closed due to Tier 3 Covid restrictions. There will be no toilets and no changing facilities.  

To give your training a target it is our intention to stage some club events and challenges, and competitions with other local clubs, subject to Covid restrictions at the time. 

Thursday Evening 7pm Junior Group runs from Bradford & Bingley, Wagon Ln, Bingley. 

Group run with Junior Coaches and Leaders for an hour. 

Please note that the club house will be closed due to Tier 3 Covid restrictions. There will be no toilets and no changing facilities.  

Please contact Tony Kingham   or Graham Smith  to book a place for each Thursday. 

Thursday Evening  Senior Group runs from Bingley or  Bradford & Bingley, Wagon Ln, Bingley. 

7pm or 7.30 run start –please arrive in good time.  4 run groups out for 60-90 mins.   The groups will be :

  1. 7.00pm Steady Elites ~5m per hr.   Contact Rosie Jeeps .  Please note this group may meet in Bingley.
  2. 7.30pm Moderate ~6m per hr.   Contact Becky Weight  NB Not running at the moment due to injury but will be down to help with the register etc and will arrange an alternative Leader. 
  3. 7.30pm Striders ~7m per hr.    Contact Dave Stephenson
  4. 7.30pm Fast 7-8+ m per hr.   Contact Martin Peace

The speed quoted includes re-grouping so the actual running pace will be faster, and the routes usually include hills and maybe off-road sections. 

Throws training for Seniors and Juniors, UAK Track, Keighley.  Tue & Thurs 6 – 7.30pm

Develop and improve throwing skills.  Beginners and ‘re-starters’ welcome to give it a try. 

Please contact Tom Clough :   07712 428692

Conditioning & Sprint work to prepare for horizontal jumps

Please contact Martin Green Martin Green for more details. 

Some athletics activities e.g. Sprints, High Jumps,  are not catered for above, as some coaches and groups are still training individually and some of our regular training locations are still not available due to Covid-19 restrictions.   If you need coaching advice (as a Coach or Athlete) please contact our Coaching Co-ordinator  Keith Daniel who will point you in the right direction. 

Please keep an eye on Bingley Harriers Facebook, ,  BH Facebook Events ,  and the Website  (see Calendar or News) for updates, changes and what’s happening over the Christmas period.   

Looking forward we are hoping to run the Christmas Handicap (in one form or another) on Sat 19 Dec primarily as a club event for members so keep an eye on the above places.  

In the New Year we will look if we can re-introduce some indoor junior training;  in particular, this will depend on the availability of Leaders & Coaches and Facilities.

If you are not running at the moment or are a non-running volunteer and would like to be involved and help with the re-start of activities please let Becky Weight know – there are many things to be done. 

Finally, it has been and still is a difficult time for everyone. The rules and guidelines are subject to change at short notice so please be respectful of the locations, others, and to the club and club officials as we work to keep as much going as we are able. 

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a better new year. 

Kind Regards,

Becky Weight

Covid Co-ordinator

Bingley Harriers & Athletics Club