Bingley Harriers training from Bradford & Bingley Sports Club with Covid-19 Control measures in place Sep 2020

The Bradford & Bingley club house at Wagon Lane is open as a Covid Secure Environment. Bingley Harriers will meet there and will be re-starting training sessions in September as detailed in the previous news item. Below are a few notes to help us all comply with the Covid-19 control measures that have been put in place and stay safe.

Meeting at the B&B Club house

The club house is open on Thursday evenings and we can meet indoors with social distancing and other Covid-19 control measures in place

Your Run Leader/Coach will sign you in for the venue. They will need to confirm you are ‘well’, and collect your name and contact details for potential Test & Trace requirements.

The upper bar (White Rose Suite) only is open as a Covid Secure Environment.  A one way system is in operation – in by the usual entrance and out at the far side onto the balcony area overlooking the rugby pitch, and the tables and chairs have been spaced to allow social distancing.  Please do not gather in the entrance foyer but go straight up into the bar and join your group, socially distanced .  Do not move tables and chairs without B&B (Louise or Andrew) permission. 

The two different start times help us maintain social distancing.  The maximum capacity for the White Rose Suite is 60.

Toilets are available with additional hygiene measures in place. One at a time.

The Club House is not open Mon, Tues and Wed evenings at this time although Bingley Harriers may still use the site for booked training sessions

Socialising after the run

The basic EA guidance is not to congregate before or after your training sessions to minimise the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus from anyone who has contracted the virus but is ‘asymptomatic’;  if they have any symptoms they should not be there!

However you can meet and have a drink in the B&B Club House, which is open as a Covid Secure Environment.  Please sign in individually on the B&B list in the entrance foyer in this instance after the run.  There is an app for ordering ( and paying I assume )  called ‘Beesbooze’ which is available on App-store or Play-store, or it is possible to order at a table at one end of the bar  &  pay with cash.  Your drinks are delivered to a table at the other end of the bar for you to collect.  There is no ordering or standing ‘at the bar’.

The B&B Club House is also open at other times as a cafe and bar from 11.30 onwards and into the evening on Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun with Fish & Chips on offer 5-7 on Fri (booking required) and Sunday lunches at 1 and 3pm (booking required). Speak to Louise or Andrew at the bar to find out more and check times as these may be subject to change in this uncertain Covid environment.