Eldwick Virtual Fell Challenge BS (approx 4m/ 900’, 6.5km/275m) Sat 27 Jun – Sun 5 Jul 2020

The Eldwick Virtual Fell Challenge (approx 4m/ 900’, 6.5km/275m) will take place between Sat 27 Jun to Sun 5Jul inclusive.  It replaces the Eldwick & Gilstead Gala Fell Race which would have taken place on Sat 27 June.  

To compete, individually and / or as a team of three (you don’t need to run together but you need to specify your team),  please Join the Facebook event or email me beckyweight@btinternet.com.  Entry is free.  Minimum age to compete alone is 14 (as long as parents are happy) but if parents / carers wish to take younger children around the route and submit a result they are welcome.  You can recce the route in advance.  Please enter and submit your results by the end of Sun 5 Jul.  If you happen to be doing a sun set run on Sun 5th – I won’t close off until Mon morning 😉.

This is a Bingley Harriers club event but guests (non-members) may enter by invitation – please contact me for confirmation. 

You then run or walk the route, on your own or in small, socially distanced groups following the current guidance on Covid-19.  Submit your result – ideally GPS evidence of your result (distance, height gain, time and location) and photos on the Facebook Event or by email to me.  If you don’t have a GPS device then let me know for other alternatives.    

Awards for best performances in all age categories.  

Few do’s & don’ts:

  • This is ‘off-road’ and is steep, muddy and even rocky in places.  Wear appropriate gear. 
  • There are road crossings – please take care.
  • In general, apart from crossing the roads, do not run on the road; there is one stretch of about 300m just after Strawberry Gardens where you are on tarmac.
  • There isn’t much scope for short cuts but don’t take any.  If your route comes in under 4m / 900’ penalties will be applied!


Link to GPS Visualizer map :

Route Description – Summary

Start at Bracken Hall (GR SE 132 389), Hope Hill Trig (GR SE 141 401), Road crossing just above Baildon cattle grid, Strawberry Gardens, Moorside Equestrian Centre, Baildon Trig (GR SE 154 405), Reservoirs, Hope Hill Trig (again!).  Finish at the Footpath finger post (GR SE 131 401 just above the quarry on Shipley Glen at the bottom of Saltaire Rd, Eldwick.

Detailed description (see below) and other route formats to follow shortly. 

If anyone needs help with maps, Grid References, the route or a recce please let me know and I can arrange some help.

This race can also be your first (Short) race for the Virtual Fell Championship 2020 (4m, 8m and 12m runs) organised by Events Up North with the first race to be run 27 Jun to 3 Jul; entry fees apply for this.  If you need help finding a Medium (11-17 Jul) and Long (1-7 Aug) route let me https://entry.eventsupnorth.co.uk/races/qha2gknow. 


Eldwick Virtual Fell Challenge BS (approx 4m/ 900’, 6.5km/275m) Sat 27 Jun – Sun 5 Jul 20

For those familiar with Bingley events – Bracken Hall to just beyond Strawberry Gardens is the same as part of the Christmas Handicap route, and the final descent from Hope Hill trig point to the Footpath finger post above the quarry is part of the Eldwick & Gilstead Gala Fell race route. So enjoy the familiar and I hope you enjoy linking them up with what maybe one or two ‘new to you’ stretches of paths.  If you are lucky there will be an ice-cream van near Bracken Hall.

Full event details and maps – Bingley Harriers website – News https://www.bingleyharriers.co.uk/  or BH Facebook Event  https://www.facebook.com/events/1369763959887462?active_tab=about

Detailed Route Description Start – Bracken Hall, Glen Rd (Shipley Glen), Baildon, BD17 5EA.  Grid Ref SE 132 389. 

Starting with your heel on the edge of the cattle grid, head along the drive at the side of Bracken Hall and north east across and up 4 fields until you squeeze through a narrow stone slip stile onto the bracken moor. Follow the path to the driveway to the Crook Farm Caravan Site, go left a few metres and right at the footpath post taking a narrow path climbing steeply in the bracken Continue in the same direction (north easterly) emerging from the bracken onto rough grass, skimming past the corner of the Dobrudden Farm Caravan Site on your left, and on to the Hope Hill trig point (~1.5km, GR SE 141 401) at the left (north) end of Hope Hill.

Continue over Hope Hill towards Baildon (east), dropping steeply off Hope Hill down a wide, well worn path passing a bench on your right part way down.  At the bottom continue on a flatter gravel and stone track with the golf course on your left and housing of Baildon over to the right. Cross Hawksworth Road (~2.7km) above the Baildon cattle grid and follow a wide grassy path across a rough open grassy area with housing on your right until you reach a small tarmac road (Moorside) and the old stone house called Strawberry Gardens. 

Follow Moorside road for about 300ms down and swinging to the left (north), passing the Moorside Equestrian Centre on your right below the road, and continue on the rough track past a horse muck midden (free, bagged, well-rotted horse muck available!)  and some small stables on the right.  About 30m beyond the stables take the narrow path climbing steeply up a rough grassy bank.  Cross a horizontal path and continue climbing up to the left, following a rocky path, passing 5 stone posts with diamond shape holes in them.  At the top turn sharp right to follow a narrow path along the edge of the rocky bank to Baildon Trig point (~3.8km, GR SE 154 405). 

Swing left round the trig point and pass the ‘Fear God…’ rock by the road. Cross the road at an angle and pick up the flat grassy path heading west towards the reservoirs passing golf tee 2 (Quarry) before dropping slightly, passing golf tee 3 (Sconce Crag) and joining the gravel track running alongside Glovershaw Lane by the reservoirs.  Stay with the gravel track as it starts to climb a bracken bank.  As it opens onto another golf green swing left to the steep bend in the road and cross the road following a rutted path rising steadily at an angle across open bracken slopes.  When you reach the gravel caravan site road, turn left along the road (heading south west) and follow it for about 200m until you reach a railway sleeper foot bridge over the drainage ditch on the left.  You should be able to see the Hope Hill Trig point again by now.  Cross the bridge and follow the grassy path up to the trig point (~5.4km). 

Swing to the right round the trig dropping off the top of Hope Hill to the west, cross the ditch and track, and continue to the Dobrudden Farm Caravan Site passing with it on your left.  Drop down the steep, wide and well-worn path to the road junction and large sign for the Crook Farm Caravan site (~6.1km).  Continuing in the same direction (west), cross Glen Road, and follow the wide grassy, well-worn and often rutted path down less steeply to the finish at the footpath Fingerpost (GR SE 131 401) above the quarry.

Stop your watch and congratulate yourself and each other on a job well done 😉.