Sheffield Festival is littered with PBs and a Club Record

After what has seems at eternity (3 days !!!) a permit has been granted retrospectively for the Sheffield Festival of Athletics and the results have now been ratified and posted on Po10.
There were PBs galore and a new club age group record 🙂
Again nice to see new names appearing on results listings.

A stunning throw by Tom Young in the U20s Javelin 800g saw him crack the 40m barrier in his first season using this weight. This propels him to be currently ranked 19th in his age group and a stunning 69th in all (U20 and over) ages. These rankings will, of course, alter as the season progresses but a stunning start.

Club Results
Saiorse Campbell FU13 15.06 PB

Saiorse Campbell FU13 33.60 PB

Omaan Rashid MU15 9.45
Bailey Stirzaker MU15 6.99

Shaun Barron MU20 22.89 PB

Ben Bott MU17 23.84 PB

Tom Young MU20 43.03 PB CR

Josh Butler MU15 19.47

Saiorse Campbell FU13 8.84 PB

Well done to all