Bingley Harriers & AC

Eldwick & Gilstead Gala Results 2019

A hot sunny day, a busy gala and 62 runners on the start line for their short sharp dash to the trig point on Hope Hill, Baildon Moor,  and back. 

Tim Midgely (Bingley, MSEN, 19.19) hoping to improve on last year’s second place, lead on the way out but was caught on the descent by Mark Sennett (Wharfedale, MSEN, 19.08).  Alex Flaherty (Bingley, U17B, 19.24) chased hard taking 37 seconds off his 2018 time and third place, up from 7th.

Helen Smith (Ribble Valley, WSEN, 20.29) was first lady  (9th overall) with a good lead over Rachel Pilling (Pudsey & Bramley, WSEN, 21.38).  Ruth Thackray (Bingley, W40, 22.30) pipped her 2018 time to come third.

Theo Clay (Bingley, U15B, 20.14, 7th) had a storming run knocking over 2 minutes off last year’s time to take first U15B.  Jensen Brogden (Otley AC, U17B, 21.43) took first U17B (Alex Flaherty took 3rd Man), and Jacob Leeming (U/A, 24.44) took first U23M.  The girls and younger ladies missed their prize opportunities this year!

Age categories, where there were runners, went to :

V40 to Neil Armitage (P&B, 19.55, 5th) and Shona Stone (23.20, 30th).  Ruth Thackray took 3rd Lady.

V50 Paul Mitchell (Bingley, 21.35, 13th)

V60 Ian Rowbotham (Harrogate, 23.12,26th) and Mary Green (Bingley, 27.03, 48th)

V70 to Phil Robinson (Otley, 29.52, 53rd)

Prizes for Unattached Local (Eldwick, Gilstead or Bingley)  runners went to Steve Watkins and Leanne Cheyne. 

With a good Bingley turnout (23 runners ) Bingley took both team prizes –  Tim, Alex and Theo for the Men and Ruth, Shona and Jenine McCutcheon for the Ladies.  Well done all.   

Senior Results – Overall

2TimMidgleyMSENBingley H19.19709
3AlexFlahertyU17BBingley H19.24723
4MattRichardsonMSENSaltaire Striders 19.40733
5NeilArmitageM40Pudsey & Bramley19.55728
6Steven GottM40Ilkley Harriers20.06745
7TheoClayU15BBingley H20.14707
8TomGomersalMSENBingley H20.24722
9HelenSmithWSENRibble Valley20.29736
10Gary JohnsonMSENOtley AC21.02714
12OliverCheyneMSENBingley H21.32724
13PaulMitchellM50Bingley H21.35757
14RachelPillingWSENPudsey & Bramley21.38719
15SteveWebbM50Valley Striders21.43751
16JensenBrogdenU17BOtley AC21.58705
17SimonJonesM50Bingley H21.59743
18Gareth HirdM40Wharfedale22.27738
19RuthThackrayW40Bingley H22.30717
20RichardThackrayM40Bingley H22.35718
21Graham PillingM40Pudsey & Bramley22.37720
22WillBucktonMSENIlkley Harriers22.39726
23JonathanSutcliffeU17BBingley H22.43739
24Steve WatkinsM50U/A  Local22.54758
25Alex SmallMSENU/A  Local23.01756
26Ian RowbothamM60Harrogate23.12701
27Ben WatsonM40Baildon Runners23.17731
28StephenWolstenholmeM60Baildon Runners23.17721
29SamMantleU15BBingley H23.20710
30ShonaStoneW40Bingley H23.20746
32David PullenM40Bradford G Sch24.10727
33JohnMcNiffeM40Baildon Runners24.30753
34MichaelTomanM50Accrington RR24.33716
35Simon BlakeM40U/A24.44703
36JacobLeemingMU23U/A  Local24.44737
37DavidJeffersonM40Bingley H24.46760
38David AskewM50Harrogate25.07732
39JoshSpencerU19BBingley H25.13749
40John LynchM50Bingley H25.44706
41JenineMcCutcheonWSENBingley H25.47748
42JohnMerrittMSENBingley H25.53762
43JasonBeckettM40Bingley H26.08752
44DavidLeafM60St Theresa’s26.20734
45MartinBradyM50Clayton Le Moors26.46704
46PaulSpencerM50Bingley H26.47750
47JimWheldonM60Baildon Runners26.54730
48MaryGreenW60Bingley H27.03715
49MartinBeethamM40U/A  Local27.29744
50JosephBreretonMSENDark Peak28.44755
51PhillDowningMSENU/A  Local29.02761
52RobMyersM60Baildon Runners29.19759
53Phil RobinsonM70Otley AC29.52747
54JoanneHenryW40Bingley H30.02708
55SueFultonW60Bingley H30.57741
56PeterEllertonM70Bingley H31.41735
57AndrewHaxbyM40U/A  Local32.03740
58LeanneCheyneWSENU/A  Local34.22725
60Susanna WaltersWSENBaildon Runners37.20742
61HeatherMcAvanW40U/A  Local42.39702
62AntonioCardinaleM70Otley AC42.56713

Senior Results – Teams

 Alex Flaherty3rd
   12 points
   90 points

Junior Results – Overall (Long Course)

PositionNameClubAge CategoryGenderTime
1Archie PeakerKCACU13B08:34
2Alexander WolfendenIlkley HarriersU13B08:46
3James Sadler TownsendKCACU13B08:52
4Logan WalkerBingley HarriersU13B08:57
5Thomas JebbBingley HarriersU9B08:31
6Hugo BishopWharfedaleU11B09:33
7William AskewKCACU15B09:38
8Alex Sadler TownsendKCACU11B09:50
9James GreenlayIlkley HarriersU13B10:03
10Seth LinacreBingley HarriersU13B10:05
11Aston BrogdenOtley HarriersU13B10:06
12William JohnsonBingley HarriersU11B10:13
13Robbie TempleBingley HarriersU13B10:17
14Jamie HaxbyU/AU13B10:24
15Layla KirkleyWharfedaleU13G10:35
16Abby ClayBingley HarriersU11G10:43
17Seb MantleBingley HarriersU11B10:57
18Hatti BishopIlkley HarriersU15G11:04
19Cyan DugdaleKCACU11G11:11
20Daniel TempleBingley HarriersU11B11:31
21Oscar ShinnIlkley HarriersU13B11:37
22Isabelle JebbBingley HarriersU11G11:51
23Harrison PullenU/AU13B12:14
24Louis ShackletonBingley HarriersU13B12:46
25Joshua PullenU/AU11B12:57
26Lauren HaxbyU/AU9G11:58
27Fausto KuBradford AiredaleU11B13:07
28Amelia KirkleyWharfedaleU15G13:44
29Beatrice RaynerU/AU11G13:48
30Esme GarbuttBingley HarriersU13G15:01
31Neve GarbuttBingley HarriersU11G16:04

Under 9 Results – Short Course

PositionNameClubAge CategoryGenderTime
1Thomas JebbBingley HarriersU9B08:31
2Lauren HaxbyU/AU9G11:58

Under 11 Results – Long Course

PositionNameClubAge CategoryGenderTime
1Hugo BishopWharfedaleU11B09:33
2Alex Sadler TownsendKCACU11B09:50
3William JohnsonBingley HarriersU11B10:13
4Abby ClayBingley HarriersU11G10:43
5Seb MantleBingley HarriersU11B10:57
6Cyan DugdaleKCACU11G11:11
7Daniel TempleBingley HarriersU11B11:31
8Isabelle JebbBingley HarriersU11G11:51
9Joshua PullenU/AU11B12:57
10Fausto KuBradford AiredaleU11B13:07
11Beatrice RaynerU/AU11G13:48
12Neve GarbuttBingley HarriersU11G16:04

Under 13 Results – Long Course

PositionNameClubAge CategoryGenderTime
1Archie PeakerKCACU13B08:34
2Alexander WolfendenIlkley HarriersU13B08:46
3James Sadler TownsendKCACU13B08:52
4Logan WalkerBingley HarriersU13B08:57
5James GreenlayIlkley HarriersU13B10:03
6Seth LinacreBingley HarriersU13B10:05
7Aston BrogdenOtley HarriersU13B10:06
8Robbie TempleBingley HarriersU13B10:17
9Jamie HaxbyU/AU13B10:24
10Layla KirkleyWharfedaleU13G10:35
11Oscar ShinnIlkley HarriersU13B11:37
12Harrison PullenU/AU13B12:14
13Louis ShackletonBingley HarriersU13B12:46
14Esme GarbuttBingley HarriersU13G15:01

Under 15 Results – Long Course

PositionNameClubAge CategoryGenderTime
1William AskewKCACU15B09:38
2Hatti BishopIlkley HarriersU15G11:04
3Amelia KirkleyWharfedaleU15G13:44